Revenue Cycle Solutions

Amblitel’s Back Office Services - Medical Billing

The third step in the revenue cycle process, following transcription and coding, is billing. Amblitel provides 24 hour turnaround time from charge entry to billing claims. Amblitel electronically prepares, edits, delivers, and tracks each claim. We submit your claims to all third-party payers, governmental and commercial, and we effectively administer private pay and workers’ compensation processes for our clients. Further, we meticulously handle both in-network and out-of-network claims.

Based on the state-of-the-art technology of our system and our experienced billing professionals, Amblitel can successfully decrease your outpatient surgery center days sales outstanding and increase your cash flow.

Once the operational report is submitted to our certified coders, diagnosis and procedures codes are assigned. These codes and the demographic information are then reviewed for accuracy. This process ensures editing based on commercial payers, Medicaid, Medicare, or workers’ compensation guidelines. Once the charge capturing process is finished, claims are scrubbed, quality approved, and then submitted electronically. If necessary, claims are printed, required documents attached, and then mailed.

The process is not complete there. After claim submission, Amblitel’s Revenue Cycle Management System™ technology continues and initiates a thorough follow-up procedure that constantly reviews the claim process to ensure money is not being lost. For denied claims, we utilize a denial management process that not only gets maximum reimbursement, but identifies the cause of denial. This information is then used to improve future claims and ensure first time acceptance from all payers.

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