Revenue Cycle Solutions

Amblitelís Back Office Services - Surgery Center Accounts Receivable

An Ambulatory Surgery Centerís life-blood is its effective management of the revenue cycle and cash flow. These are critical for ensuring profit margin increases and revenue growth. One crucial part to this revenue cycle and cash flow is your accounts receivable and collections activity. By effectively reducing the accounts receivable days, you improve profitability, by increasing the collection ratio.

Amblitelís team of professionals can identify patient accounts that require vigilant follow-up and then take necessary action to collect underpaid and unpaid claims. Amblitelís cash flow services include denial management, accounts receivable analysis, insurance (commercial, governmental, workmanís compensation) and self-pay follow-up. These services also include robust and prompt reporting of payor punctuality, payor mix, charges, payments, adjustments, procedure code analysis, cash collection analysis, underpayment analysis, as well as an expected collections report.

Amblitelís revenue cycle management and cash flow services will improve an outpatient surgery centerís operational cash flow by reducing bad debt and write-offs. Amblitelís process will better manage customer revenue risk and at the same time, improve customer relationships.