Revenue Cycle Solutions

Business Intelligence Work-Flow Organization

In Amblitel’s ASC InSight™ tool, each Work Area has numerous measures and dimensions built into them that allow users to view information in many different ways and to organize data in a way that allows them to gain more in-depth knowledge of how the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) is performing. For example, in the Contribution Margin Work Area, an ASC can view the contribution margin by procedure code, surgical specialty, physician, financial class, and payor. Procedure code, surgical specialty, physician, etc. are some of the dimensions that are built into the different work areas or OLAP cubes.

Billing and Collections

All the data captured in the health information system associated with case volume, charges, collections and adjustments are accumulated into this work area and views developed to provide more in depth knowledge regarding an ASC billing and collection performance.

Accounts Receivable

Information regarding current and historical accounts receivable are accumulated into this work area and views developed to provide tools to help an ASC better manage accounts receivable and shorten the revenue cycle.


Data regarding the clinical aspects of cases performed at an ASC are accumulated into this work area, i.e. ASA classification of patients, type of anesthesia provided, various times tracked for each patient as they receive care, etc. The views developed help an ASC to have better insight into the clinical aspects of the business to facilitate clinical and benchmarking studies.

Cost Analysis

Data from the health information system regarding costs incurred, supplies, salaries and wages, and use of equipment, are accumulated into this work area. Reports and views are developed to assist an ASC to better manage costs.

Contribution Margin

Data from the health information system and the accounting system are accumulated into this work area and the contribution margin for an ASC is determined. Contribution margin is defined as revenue, less variable expenses. Variable expenses are costs that are directly related to patient volume and go up and down directly with patient volume. This work area helps an ASC negotiate better pricing with insurance companies and payors, as well as gain an in-depth understanding of the profitability of the different services lines and contribution from physician customers.

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