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ASC Payment Increase of 0% Proposed by MedPAC for 2016

Added 01.15.15

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) approved a recommendation that ASCs receive a 0% increase in payment rates for 2016. The commission once again approved a recommendation that ASCs be directed to report cost data. ASCA Chief Executive Officer Bill Prentice denounced the recommendation, stating, “MedPAC’s decision not to recommend any payment update for ASCs in 2016 is an insult to the thousands of ASCs that are saving the Medicare system billions of dollars by their very existence as an alternate site for outpatient surgical care. In addition to the 0% increase in ASC payments, the commission recommended a 3.25% increase in payment rates for inpatient and outpatient hospitals in 2016. “Once again, the commissioners suggest that Medicare penalize the most efficient care... more...

Simulated Saline Puts Patients at Risk

Added 01.15.15

A training product somehow ended up on supply shelves. The accidental use of simulated saline products has led to sickened patients and at least one death nationwide, the FDA and CDC are reporting. The agencies are warning facilities to examine their saline supplies for IV bags labeled with the words "Wallcur," "Practi-products," "For clinical simulation," or "Not for use in human or animal patients," and to remove those products from circulation. more...