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Efforts Made to Open Door to More Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Added 12.16.13

Some lawmakers and organizations are calling for the state to loosen its health care certification laws to allow for more same-day surgery centers, though hospital organizations say doing so would put them at a competitive disadvantage. Legislative efforts to open the door to more ambulatory surgery centers failed this past legislative session, though lawmakers in the off session continue to study the state's so-called certificate of need (CON) laws. They are regulations designed to avoid unnecessary duplication of health care facilities and services across the state and ensure access to the medically underserved. Several organizations and advocacy groups say North Carolina's CON laws are among the most restrictive in the nation – as well as the most difficult to navigate, making it... more...

10 Labeling and Storage Accidents Waiting to Happen

Added 12.16.13

Could any of these be lurking in your facility? t these photos I shot and see if you can figure out what's wrong with each. Hopefully, they'll serve as reminders to help prevent any similar occurrences at your facility. 1. All mixed up. How much lidocaine is in this syringe? 2. Small problem. Added labels are small and are applied to the backs of the containers instead of the fronts. Read the rest of this article by Sheldon Sones, RPh, FASCP, from Outpatient Surgery Magazine at: more...