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6 Points on Medicare Reimbursement Trends in Surgery Centers

Added 08.27.12

Five trends and one suggestion in Medicare reimbursement in the ambulatory surgery center setting over the past several years. 1. Medicare is adding more procedures, particularly for orthopedics and spine. 2. Medicare is examining ASC procedures that are successful with commercial payors. 3. Medicare's fee schedule increase has been fairly flat. 4. Medicare has added codes that accommodate high-cost supplies. 5. Medicare is reimbursing more device-intensive procedures. 6. ASCs should negotiate more aggressively with commercial payors. Read more detail about each point in the article from Becker's ASC Review at: more...

Mandatory Quality Reporting Coming for ASCs

Added 08.27.12

Beginning next month, ambulatory surgical centers must start reporting data on 5 quality measures on their Medicare claims or face future Medicare payment reductions. This new quality reporting program includes 4 adverse events... more...

10 Good Ideas to Grow Single-Specialty Surgery Center Case Volume

Added 08.27.12

Here are 10 ways for single-specialty surgery centers to increase case volume. 1. Attract the majority of specialists in your area. 2. Make sure surgeons are bringing all possible cases to the surgery center. 3. Engage in direct-to-patient marketing for patient-referred specialties. 4. Maximize efficiency for surgeon referral-driven centers. 5. Close the gaps in operating block schedules. 6. Work with surgeon offices to make scheduling easier. 7. Reach out to referral sources and primary care physicians. 8. Negotiate implant carve-outs. 9. Balance high volume months with low volume months. 10. Expand beyond the single specialty. Read more about each... more...