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AAAHC Unveils Cheaper Accreditation Program for Small Surgery Centers

Added 05.25.12

The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care has announced an accreditation program tailored to the needs of practices that offer office-based surgery, according to an Endo Nurse report. The AAAHC defines an OBS center as an organization with no more than four physicians or dentists and no more than two operating and procedure rooms. Read this article from Beckers ASC Review and get a link to the AAAHC at: more...

According To Recent Workman’s Compensation Research – Surge in Surgery Center Surgeries

Added 05.25.12

Orthopedic surgeons who own one of the growing number of ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) are doing a lot more surgery than non-owners surgeons, new... more...

4 Tactics to Prepare for an HFAP Accreditation Survey

Added 05.24.12

The nature of ASCs could make efforts to achieve accreditation more challenging. As smaller healthcare delivery systems with more intimate staffing/governing structures, leaders and employees often serve in multiple positions, juggling numerous responsibilities in addition to patient care. Alexa Simkow, director of surgical services at Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, Mich., and accreditation surveyor for Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program, discusses four tactics to help ASCs achieve accreditation. 1. Gain and maintain a comprehensive understanding of accreditation standards. 2. Ensure staff members are competent with standards. 3. Make quality improvement a standard agenda item during meetings. 4. Consider the physical layout of the surgery center. Read more detail on each of these tactics at Beckers ASC Review: more...

NY DOH Recommends Changes to Surgery Center CON Process for Addition of Ophthalmology and Endoscopy

Added 05.24.12

In an interoffice memorandum (pdf) to the New York Public Health and Health Planning Council (PHHPC), the New York State Department of Public Health's Division of Health Facility Planning is recommending changes to streamline the certificate of need process for existing ambulatory surgery centers to add ophthalmology and endoscopy surgical services. Read this article and get a link to the memo at Beckers ASC Review: more...

Will Surgery Centers Fit Into ACOs? Q&A With Craig Garner, CEO of Garner Health

Added 05.24.12

Accountable care organizations do not necessarily provide an environment for ambulatory surgery centers, but there are a number of ways in which ACO growth may be stalled in the years ahead, says Craig Garner, attorney and CEO of Garner Health, a healthcare consulting firm focusing on industry management in the climate of reform. Mr. Garner discusses the relationship between ASCs and ACOs, as well as the regulatory and financial obstacles that ACOs may face. Read this article at Beckers ASC Review: more...

Anthem Blue Cross joins Aetna in investigating Lap-Band surgery centers affiliated with 1-800-GET-THIN

Added 05.24.12

A second large California health insurer is investigating possible medical fraud by a group of popular weight-loss surgery centers. Anthem Blue Cross,... more...

4 Tips on Surgery Center Infection Control From Industry Experts

Added 05.24.12

Here are four tips on surgery center infection control from industry experts. 1. Achieve certification in infection control. 2. Follow hand hygiene... more...

29 New Statistics on Surgery Center A/R

Added 05.24.12

Here are 29 statistics on surgery center A/R, based on data from VMG Health's Multi-Specialty ASC Intellimarker 2011. Read these from Becker's ASC Review at: more...

ASC Association: Surgery Centers Cannot Be Expected to Implement EHR

Added 05.24.12

In comments to CMS, the ASC Association urged the agency to abandon its policy of counting patient encounters in an ASC towards the determination of whether a physician has met the requirement of utilizing a certified EHR in at least 50 percent of his or her patient encounters. Read this article and get a link to the comments to the CMS at: more...

CMS Releases Quality Reporting Manual for ASCs

Added 05.18.12

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released its manual for the ASC quality reporting program (download the manual on ASCA Connect). The manual provides detailed information on how ASCs should report information to CMS. Read this article from SurgiStrategies and find the ASCA connect link to the CMS Manual at: