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All NJ Surgery Centers Will Require Licensing – According To New NJ Bill

Added 01.11.12

The New Jersey Legislature on Monday approved a bill giving the state Department of Health oversight over all surgeries performed in New Jersey. The health agency already licenses and inspects operating rooms in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. By wide margins, lawmakers voted to include single-room surgical practices under the purview of the agency. The measure has the support of the large ambulatory surgery centers -- outpatient surgery facilities with more than one operating room -- and hospitals already subject to licensure, as well as physicians whose single-room surgical practices will now come under the control of the health department. Read the rest of this article from NJ Spotlight at: more...

FDA Orders Safety Studies of Women’s Surgical Mesh

Added 01.05.12

Amid reports of serious complications and patient deaths, manufacturers must review products' risks versus benefits. The FDA has ordered manufacturers of the implantable surgical meshes used in pelvic prolapse and urinary incontinence repair surgeries to conduct new studies of the products. The move, announced yesterday, is a response to reports that 6 patients in whom the mesh was used died and thousands more suffered serious complications between 2008 and 2010. Read the rest of this article from Outpatient Surgery Magazine at: more...

10 Top Concerns for Surgery Center Administrators in 2012

Added 01.04.12

While ASCs are still able to provide high-quality care at a lower cost than their hospital competitors, they are doing so under increasing strain from economic pressures, physician shortages and regulatory mandates. Here are 10 of the most pressing concerns for ASC administrators in 2012. 1. High deductibles. 2. Aging nursing population. 3. Increase of Medicare/Medicaid as a payor source. 4. Cutting staff costs while retaining staff. 5. Maintaining high volumes. 6. Patients waiting longer to undergo surgery. 7. Regulatory issues 8. Hospital employment poaching physicians. 9. Implementation of EMR. 10. Investment in new technology. Read more detail on each of these 1o issues from the original article at Becker's ASC Review: more...

HFAP Updated Patient Rights Standards for ASCs

Added 01.04.12

HFAP has updated standards related to Patient Rights in Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). These updates were prompted by the changes that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently made. Read more from this HFAP blog post at: more...

Delaware’s Free Standing Surgical Center Regulations To Be Revised

Added 01.04.12

The DoverPost has reported that Delaware's Division of Public Health has published proposed revisions to the State of Delaware regulations governing free standing surgical centers. The State has also offered public opinion on the proposals. Delaware's Division of Public Health's goal is to align the State regulations with current health care standards and federal requirements. Due to the number of changes, the DPH office decided to repeal and replace all of the regulations. Read the public notice issued at: more...