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Mnet Financial Partners with Amblitel to Create Remote Billing Solution for Surgery Centers

Added 08.21.13

Mnet Financial, leading patient collection and payment solutions vendor for the surgical industry, has announced their partnership with Amblitel, industry leader known for increasing surgery center performance through strategic consultation, to offer a complete remote billing solution. This partnership has come about as a response to demand from the medical community for temporary billing assistance during the period of a software conversion or implementation of billing process changes. Many management groups have been pleased to find that developing a centralized billing center can bring an increase in both patient and physician satisfaction while delivering an increase in financial remittances. “Recent trends in the ASC space indicate that leadership within the community continues to develop efficiency strategies to strengthen their business model... more...

ASC InSight Adds Powerful New Features

Added 11.19.12

ASC Insight, the Ambulatory Surgery Center industry’s most comprehensive Business Intelligence solution, has recently rolled out new functionality that widens the gap between it and its competitors. Insight Dashboard The ASC InSight Dashboard starts with a heads-up display that allows users to monitor their most important Key Performance Indicators at a glance and adds the ability to drill through on those Measures to analyze problem areas by Dimensions including Specialty, Physician, Financial Class, and Payer. The user can select Center and Timeframe (ie: MTD, QTD, YTD, Last Month, Last 12 Months) and can then view gauges and indicators with green/yellow/red indication of performance. The user can click on a gauge or indicator and drill to a chart and grid showing the breakout... more...

Becker’s ASC Review Names 350 People to Know in the ASC Industry

Added 12.06.11

Paul Davis, President and CEO of Amblitel, named to... more...

Announcing the Launch of Amblitel

Added 01.05.10

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Amblitel - High Performance Surgery Center Solutions.... more...